Activities for children at Checkpoint Charlie

Looking for activities for kids at Checkpoint Charlie?

Have you heard about our 5D cinema for children? Our goal is to make children relax, have fun and entertain them. The 5D movies are short but intense, and the virtual flight game makes it even more fun.

Checkpoint Charlie is the perfect address for your trip in Berlin if you want to take children with you. There is everything a child needs to spend their free time here: a visit to the 5D cinema, a virtual world and an adventure experience that they will never forget.

Our childhood friendship is incomparable. We pay attention to the needs of children and families, so that you and your child can fully relax.

Our customers are children and families who travel and relax in Berlin. The session lasts 15 minutes and the child also gets the opportunity to immerse themselves in an interesting environment.

We offer services specially designed for children and families to give them a unique refreshing experience. Our space is perfect for travelers in Berlin who want to change time and make unforgettable memories of their time.

Racing simulator and virtual flight will delight kids and make them discover the immensity of the world. Suitable for families looking for new experiences, our space offers unique experiences that children will not forget.

Our goal is to make children relax, have fun and entertain them. We are here to give your soul joy and uniquely help you up.